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Working!!: Takanashi, a guy with a loli complex, goes to work at a restaurant with Inami who has an irrational fear of men, and a... Popura was it? Anyway, Inami punches Takanashi whenever he gets close to her, shouting "I'm afraid of men ahhhh! Oh I'm sorry!" etc.

Through various encounters and numerous set-ups, Inami begins to like Takanashi and then...the show ended. What the fuck.

MM!: Is about a masochistic guy named Taro, who gets help from Mio, a sadistic blond girl who enjoys beating the crap out of Taro, and Yuno the girl who has another irrational fear of women. Her malfunction is that she was assaulted by a man, and her mindset is "Strike before stuck."

Again, Taro and Yuno seem to hang out often, make a bond, and Yuno falls for him, while he also beats the shit out of him shouting "I'm afraid of men! Oh I'm sorry!"

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Life lessons, brought to you from Japan, for Japan.

Be sure to tell your girlfriend (if you have one) that when at Japan (if you plan on going there), they must greet other girls like so...

Run up from behind and grab her boobs. Shout something like Morning!

If she is a playful person, she would do it back to you, or one of your friends.

Since this is well known greeting style, many girls might join in for fun. This is encouraged and possibly video taped.

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Just one of the many girls the guy in this show gets to see naked.

The initial release of this episode was HALF A WEEK AGO. This show, however, is a top priority show, so I'd watch it AS SOON AS I GOT IT.

However, the first broadcast of this show is censored with 


So here is how I cope with this problem. I wait the 4-5 extra days, and luckily for me (and the other 3000 people who download th ... Read more »
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