?/??* Known release season
Known release month
Known release date
?/10 Downloaded, not watched
10/10 Watched and rated

OVAs and OAD
s are usually on the internet days, weeks, or months after sales in Japan. They are also much harder to find subbers for.
Movies are in theatres on the "release date", but unless they are camripped, come out god knows when

Policy: Watch two episodes of the show before dropping.*

*A show is dropped when I stop early, or never get around to watching the ending.

Spring Anime 2012Rating/ReleaseDropped
Polar Bear Cafe8/10 
Medaka Box6/10 
Tasogare Oteme x Amnesia6/10 
Accel World8/10 
Eureka Seven Ao7/10
Koi-ken! ~Watashi-tachi Anime ni Nacchatta!~4/01* 
Uchuu Kyoudai7/10 
Sakamichi no Apollon6/10✓5
Thomas the Tank Engine4/08* 
Fate / Zero S29/10 
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD9/10 
Mysterious Girlfriend X4/10✓1
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san7/10
 Lupin III6/10
Acchi Kocchi3/10✓2
Saki Episode of Side A?/10
Spring OVA/OAD 2012
Mirai Nikki3/30* 
Amagami SS+4/04* 
Holy Knight4/27* 
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD ep.08/10 
Seitokai Yakuindomo7/10 
Amagami SS+5/02* 
Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san5/23* 
Another ep.05/??* 

1 - Sick, just disgusting. Vomits buckets of spit
2 - Maybe if it were more funny than cute, I'd risk my life and nutbladder for this show
3 - Expected it to be a harem show. Instead I got an educational show with lesbian "guns"
4 - Something about beach themed shows just... doesn't appeal to me
5 - Is there such a thing as "too serious for me"?

Updated 08/31/12

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