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It's late but hey, someone has to make one post per month.
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A fitting place to hold a party

I mentioned it once back in September but completely forgot about it in October. Then it dawned on me today in mid-November as I was updating the Melty Blood page...

I forgot to make a post about the birthday!
So here it is!

If you want to play Melty Blood, the deadest fighting game next to SFxT and BlazBlue, feel free to use the guide I made. It probably isn't a 1:1 guide like it used to be since new links have been added, but hey, I tried my best to make it retard friendly, maybe it's so good of a guide that it'll stay retard friendly.
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CM behind the patented "Invisible Ban Shield with Ignore List protection 2000 DELUXE"

"If you're so upset, go make a blog post about it!"
"I will!"

I did.
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New shows page has been added. Click here to see all the shows that I plan on watching in Fall 2013. I also updated the Summer 2013 page with new rating and...

I dropped a lot of shows. Not because they were bad though.
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I'm doing it again. Go read Toaru Majutsu no Index. It's good.
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The current state of this website

Here I am once again to make my monthly post. This time I am just posting the season post about how I've added a new page with the chart and the shows I am planning on watching.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: The World God Only Knows S3 and Bakemonogatari S2

Have a nice day

Link here

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Summer anime list will be made soon (when I get around to it)

It's going to be a good Summer compared to all the other ones.

Nothing else to say aside from this site is dead rip in peace.

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I've shirked my duties and was rejected by The Grind

Made the list of show I plan on watching in Spring. Go hover over Current Shows -> Spring 2013 and go look at the list I plan on watching. You can also see the chart of every show.

Although if I don't watch it, it's probably shit. Probably.

I know some of you /vg/ guys lurk here too. Hello.
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Click it, it dances

Complete with a completely unrelated opening image. Hello everyone who even bothers coming to this site. Here is an update that will involve more effort than last month.

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