?/??* Known release season
Known release month
Known release date
?/10 Downloaded, not watched
10/10 Watched and rated

OVAs and OAD
s are usually on the internet days, weeks, or months after sales in Japan. They are also much harder to find subbers for.
Movies are in theatres on the "release date", but unless they are camripped, come out god knows when

Policy: Watch two episodes of the show before dropping.*

*A show is dropped when I stop early, or never get around to watching the ending.

Summer Anime 2013RatingDropped

Servant x Service

Bakemonogatari S24/10 
Danganronpa 8/10  
Rozen Maiden Reboot


Watashi ga Motena4/10✓3
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya4/10 ✓11 
Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist0/10✓5
The World God Only Knows S39/10✓6
Chou Jigen Game Neptune 5/10 ✓7
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi7/10✓8
Blood Lad7/10✓9
Gatchaman Crowds6/10✓10
1. Backlogged to death
2. Backlogged to death
3. Too cringe for me
4. Too gay for me
5. Way too gay for me
6. Backlogged to death
7. Not my cup of tea
8. Backlogged to death
9. Backlogged to death
10. Couldn't get hooked
11. Backlogged to death

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