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Swiped from the site itself.

There is a lot of misinformation, conspiracy theories and general misunderstandings regarding our recent shutdown circulating on the internet, so we thought we'd clear some things up. Some of you will undoubtedly write this off as lies invented after the fact, but whatever.

  • gg didn't pay for the shutdown. koda had nothing to do with it.
  • The real reason for the shutdown has nothing to do with Daiz, donation drama, whiny kids on the internet, or anything like that. It was simply getting annoying to maintain this huge operation. Daiz was out trolling Doki for his own purposes and that retarded hurfing thread on BakaBT was just used as an excuse to stop anime r ... Read more »
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In order for anime sub groups to provide the subtitles, they need the raw anime, straight from the Japanese television streams.

One of the most used and well known RAW providers are [Elitist-Fags].

Bold text might want to be read.

< Rayblade2> any eta on the mtlr ts?
< Rayblade2> ElitistFag?
<ElitistFag> the what?
<Zdm321> motto to love ru, probably

<Zdm321> think it aired like 13 hours ago or something
<cryptw> well that's one weird abbreviation
* muken is now known as VFR_maniac
<ElitistFag> someone ... Read more »
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