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Late one night, I was catching up with a friend named Isaacbeans, whom I've known on the shitty STREAMING website, and he told me he was planning to make a website to "rival" mine.

Now, seeing that this website of mine is free, he is paying for his, and not to mention, this site has a small userbase, we both came to a conclusion.

He could make a site, and I could be a blogger in it, just like what I do on THIS site.

Sounds like a great idea right? Also I used about 12% of this websites maximum allowed space, so I guess in like 3 months of me doing this, it'll fill up, and I can't do anything about it.

He says he will be WORKING ON OVERDRIVE for this week, since we are on break.


I watched MM! episode 8, and it was f ... Read more »

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I am forcing myself to do this.

New plan. If I find something funny in a show, I'll post it, and I won't FORCE myself to do it.

Call it lazyness, because I've been forcing myself to do this for almost a month. I get no motivation either, no new members, I'm just doing this in my free time, which has been reduced now that I got a PSP.

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