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on my PS Vita. It's a PSP game though, don't assume there's a MH game on Vita (yet)

Hello hello, another pointless time consuming project I am undertaking. Alongside with playing the game, I intend on putting random, useless and mostly pointless information on this page. Although the game has Guild Cards with statistics in it, I can't particularly take a screenshot of it. It's weird though, because the Vita can take screenshots of Vita game, but not PSP. Whatever, now I have excuse to make this page.

So what exactly is going to be put on this page really. Well, stuff like... funny stories when hunter, funny encounters, etc, and boy does funny stuff happen often.

 Name: 7se7en  HR: 1  Weapon: GS 
WeaponRavager Blade+
ArmorRathian Set

If I had artistic talent, I would make a comic about these things. But sadly, I don't, so I have to become a bard and explain these things.

1. The day I melted my loot:
I was given the task of hunting down an Iodrome in the Volcanic Belt. So after killing some Ioprey, he walks into my zone. I fight him like I normally would, do a Triangle attack and swiftly dodge out of the way. Then he ran away to zone 5. Zone 5 consists of nothing special in particular. It has land, it's very hot, requires a cool drink. Oh, and apparently monsters can run around in the big lava lake. I continued my fight with this stupid poison spewing lizard, and the positioning was perfect! I was standing infront of the lizard, and he was standing in front of the lava lake. Not much has to be said about what happens next. I swing my mighty killing blow, it lands, and sends the guy flying off shore. I get the long cutscene of how I've slain the beast and hooray look at the dead body floating in lava. I couldn't get the loot. He was too far off shore. At least the quest rewards had some of his parts.

2. First encounter with a Basarios WITH AN EPIC FINALE:
Back into the Volcanic Belt I went, with the task of slaying some monster that attacked a group of rag tag hunters. These plebeians complained that when walking around, some big Basarios attacked them, and killed a few of them. So now I am wandering around the entire map trying to find this monster. 20 minutes pass by (it was hell) and I still haven't found the stupid rock (living hell). Never had red been such a suiting color for a map,  I swear. Anyway so I'm just running around aimlessly, when I wander a tad bit close to a rock. At first I thought they were off color from the scenery, maybe a bit out of place, but not enough for me to walk up and investigate. Sure wish I did though. Anyway, I found the boss, do damage, it runs away, follow it, hit the rock, damage, run, follow, etc. Now it's in 3 or something (I can't remember). Once I walk in, I see 3 rocks. 1 of them if different from the other 2. I strike that rock and out comes Basarios. We commence battle and then towards the end, something remarkable happens. I accidentally make him charge into one of the other rocks. It explodes on impact! So I begin planning, maybe I can use that last rock to my advantage! So I run behind that rock, wait for him to stop charging my fucking useless Felyne who doesn't stop throwing bombs at me, and he runs into the rock. It exploded and was the killing blow. Laughed so hard, then proceeded to skin the rock.

3. The 45 minute desert cage-match vs. the Tigrex:
The old lady this time told me to go kill a Tigrex for a client. In the Desert. With my shitty pet cat. So I accept, and travel to the worst map in my opinion. Being as useful as possible, my cat uses Clairvoyance to tell me where exactly that dumb wyvern is. I head there immediately and begin the fight. Battle is standard, I aim for its tail, land a few blows, get hit a few times. And then I die (but not without getting him low enough to get pissed). 

I come back and lure him to a two rock formation, which makes it easy to avoid his retarded charge. All I have to do is run around a rock and be perfectly safe. This repeats for a while until my fucking cat lures him away from the rocks. I think nothing of it at the time. Then the Tigrex looks at me, with a stupid grin on its face and shoves rocks in my direction. Now I'm rather far away, I can easily walk between the rocks. Although there was one problem. I was infront of a wall, and the rocks tend to explode on whatever they hit. Put the pieces together, and you get me getting hit by two rocks exploding on my back. What makes matters worse is that while recovering, Mr. Tigrex-kun charges at me. I cannot dodge. I accept my fate and die once more.

It has now been 20 minutes, and I am on my final life. What makes matters worse is that I came to the Desert with 3 Cool Drinks, 10 Potions, 10 Herbs, and 3 First aid kits. All were used on the first life, and I only have 1 Cool Drink left. I had to use it. Also I had 3 rations, but now I have none, and my Stamina is at 75. So in short, the situation is: I have no health items, no food, low stamina and no more cool drinks, and once it runs out, it's going to be much more harder.

The Tigrex's health is relatively low though, so I think about 10 to 15 more hits should make him kick the bucket. So I find him, slash at him, and every time he gets pissed off, I stall until he settles down. Once he's calmed down, I go back to slashing. I am the most cautious hunter in the world at this point, but, so is the Tigrex. He flies around constantly, changing zones, but keeps it down to 2 zones. Let's call them A and B. They are both the hottest zones too, so the Cool Drink was essential. But then he flies to zone C. What's zone C? Well I didn't know. But like a god send, I check my inventory and see a Psychoserum. I had that from 2 missions ago, unused and collecting dust. I drink that shit and find out he's in a cool zone. SLEEPING. 

Needless to say, I run to the new zone, do a fully charged attack and play hard to catch. After much damage has been inflicted, both to him and myself, he flies off. (I should add that I had 1 spare Paintball, but when I threw it at him, it went right under his tail) I run all the way to the camp and sleep for my health back. However... on the way... my cool drink... expired. And after I woke up from my nap, I had 25 stamina. What does 25 stamina mean though? Simply put, it means No Running and No Diving out of the way. Basically I'm a target that can only walk and roll. To make matters worse, Tigrex flew out of zone C as well after I hurt him so much. I'm going to have to fight in a big open desert with decaying health and no mobility.

But, another miracle happens. On my path in search of Tigrex, I see he isn't anywhere! So by whim, I walk, WALK, to Zone C, and sure enough, I see him, sleeping. Apparently he flew in circles above my head, landed after I left, and went back to sleep. So I walk up to him with my stomach making loud noises because I am at my utter limits, do a charged attack, a simple downward strike, a spinning attack and a downward strike ALL WHILE HE WAS WAKING UP and he dies.

45 minutes. One Tigrex. One massive trial. Only 1500 gold.

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