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I'm going to be watching a brand new show (that is currently on it's 6th episode)

Motto To LOVE-Ru!

I plan on watching it because an internet friend of mine spammed images on a chatroom. I'm interested. Ironically however, the last time I tried to watch this show (season 1), I dropped it immediately.
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God I love the faces she makes. 

Wheeee! I watched this last night, but didn't feel like making a post, so here I am, 24 hours after it's release.

I love this show, the manga came out the same day as the episode did, it was so awesome.

On an unrelated note, it seems both my highschool "otaku" friends were absent, so I was lonely. I put "otaku" in quotes because I put limits on how much of a nuisance they can be, like the typical annoying wapanese girl whom you want to strangle, but you can't because she might hiss at you and scratch you with her long unclipped fingernails.
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