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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga Nai Portable Project
Within less than 24 hours of its release, the game became available to download via filesharing sites. Not too long afterward, torrents went online. I didn't know about these until yesterday, 1/30/11. I found some Direct Download sites, which in total, took 4 hours to download all 10 parts.

I uploaded my own torrent, here, and people began downloading it. Little did I know, that other torrents existed already for days, and had over 60 thousand finished downloads.

Anyway, seeing that this is quite literally my very first galge, I have to do it 100% right.

HOWEVER there are a few major setbacks. For example

-The game is in Japanese

-I can't read Japanese, let alone understand a majority of the things they say

-Scoring points with specific girls are in timed minigames, where they say something, and a message shows up on the screen. Pressing Square makes you say that message. Thing is, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT SAYS.

On the other hand, I have one great advantage

-Major choices that direct your path are VERY simple. Throughout dialogue, you can pick up "Items" to speak with, and IF that item can be used, it shows up. Sometimes 2 show up, and you can either choose one, or neither, making 3 possible routes.

How am I doing this right though.

I am making a FLOWCHART. 

More information later.

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Hello, I am Santa. Just come here to say Hello. Lol.

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5 CarmenCjga  
Спасибо, мне понравилось это сообщение в блоге . Я нашел этот сайт с помощью поисковой системы Yahoo , как следствие , действительно любил читать над ним , так что я почти наверняка наткнуться через другое время в течениенескольких недель в дополнение к исследование на том, что роман Невероятные Комментарий !
В заключение позвольте мне поблагодарить вас за ваше терпение с моей английски как ( я уверен, вы осознали это на данный момент ) , английский не является моим основным языком , следовательно, я используя Google Translate для построения , о чем писать , что я искренне желаю , чтобы сформулировать.

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3 holyshin  
Because the world isn't right if I don't necropost.

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4 7se7  
Get me unbanned asshole.

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1 ribaudequin  
Can i have your FLOWCHART please ? :)

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2 7se7  
I stopped playing due to many other things happening. Only thing I made was a very basic "half" progression with Manami.

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