How to get your Blood Melting in 5 easy steps!
Updated 8/16/12

Step 1 - Getting the game
  • To properly install the game and have it working, you'll need to download the .iso. Luckily, someone uploaded the .iso onto Mediafire (in 13 parts) 
    • Download all the files in that folder, except for the last one. The last file is outdated
  • If you have a question, or if this guide didn't work, odds are this pastebin will help you

Step 2 - Extracting / Mounting the .iso

  • Baby steps is what this guide is all about. To extract the .iso, simply open the first part, Part 1, and drag the contents into a folder. Just open Part 1 and drag the file to a folder. Simple
  • After finished extracting, you're going to have to mount the .iso onto a CD, physical or virtual
    • I use a program called PowerISO, which makes a virtual drive, which basically lets you have a CD drive without having to burn CDs!
      • To make a virtual drive, install PowerISO. After it has installed, right click the icon that shows up on the taskbar near your clock, go to Set Number of Drives, and click 1, and then reboot your computer
    • Once you're computer is back on, right click the unpacked .iso and go to PowerISO -> Mount Image to Drive [ ] and you're set! You don't even have to use the main program at all
  • Okay so do I run the on-disc installer? NO!
Step 3 - Installing the game
  • Now, download and run this installer. The installer is in English. Click next until it asks you which folder you want to install into. You might have to make a folder manually, but that shouldn't be difficult. Just click the New Folder button, click the newly made folder, and click Ok.

Step 4 - Patching the game

  • You don't need to! The installer does it for you

Step 5 - Setting up

  • Run MBAA.exe to launch the game 
  • The first tab is the Main Settings
    • Set your resolution to 640x480, everyone plays at that resolution, and if you choose a different resolution, online play WILL be NEGATIVELY affected
    • The first check box is Windowed : Unticked :: Fullscreen : Ticked
      • Playing Windowed Mode is actually better than fullscreen, because you can set the resolution of the game window to 640x480, but it's RESIZEABLE. The game resolution may be 640x480, but the window size isn't limited to that. SO PLEASE, PLAY 640x480
    • Under the check boxes are two text boxes. They are your Username and a "Description". Please name yourself!
  • The second tab is the Gamepad / Joystick controls. Select your controller and click the first Radio Buttion, and input the following -
    • Up / Down / Left / Right / Start / Next / Previous / A / B / C / D / QA (Macro button, very useful) / FN1 / FN2 / A+B (Quick dash button combined with 4 or 6)
  • Click the Left button on the bottom of everything to FINALLY launch the game

Step 6 - Playing the game

  • Offline
    • Arcade for Arcade mode, Training for training mode (FN2 resets TM), Options for late changed (resolution, graphics), and Ranking from Arcade scores
  • Online
    • To host games, first you must Port Forward port 46318 for TCP and UDP. To do so, go HERE and scroll down to the "==HOW TO HOST AND PORTFORWARD==" section
      • A restart of your computer may be required for the changes to take effect. Mine did.
    • After you are port forwarding, launch the game, go to Network Mode -> Direct Connect Mode -> Host Mode -> Start Accept Client -> Wait
      • Once you start waiting, your clipboard will be replaced with your IP:Port. Simple to go a chatroom or board and press Ctrl + V (or Right Click + Paste). ex. (the x's are numbers of course)
    • To join a game, launch the game and go to Network Mode -> Direct Connect Mode -> Client Mode -> Connect to Host from Clip Board -> Start Connect Host
      • If you have the proper text in your clipboard (IP:Port i.e., it will auto fill, and literally no work will be required of you

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