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Relations between MM! and Working!!

Working!!: Takanashi, a guy with a loli complex, goes to work at a restaurant with Inami who has an irrational fear of men, and a... Popura was it? Anyway, Inami punches Takanashi whenever he gets close to her, shouting "I'm afraid of men ahhhh! Oh I'm sorry!" etc.

Through various encounters and numerous set-ups, Inami begins to like Takanashi and then...the show ended. What the fuck.

MM!: Is about a masochistic guy named Taro, who gets help from Mio, a sadistic blond girl who enjoys beating the crap out of Taro, and Yuno the girl who has another irrational fear of women. Her malfunction is that she was assaulted by a man, and her mindset is "Strike before stuck."

Again, Taro and Yuno seem to hang out often, make a bond, and Yuno falls for him, while he also beats the shit out of him shouting "I'm afraid of men! Oh I'm sorry!"

With that said and done, let me address the main reason why I made this post. Normally, I would compare these two shows and be like "This is just like working!" and be done with it.

That is, however, until I did a little research and found out something amazing. I'm half shocked and half angered at my idiocy for me to not notice this sooner.


Yeah! What? I didn't realize this until 10 minutes ago! Jun Fukuyama voice acts both of these guys.

Makes me wonder, is his wife a bitch to him? Both Taro and Takanashi gets the shit beat out of them by a girl, but eventually hook up with them! Was this how he met his wife, by being punched in the gut upon meeting her?

Who knows, it is Japan I am talking about here.

Most of the people who might read this will be like "This isn't a big deal, why did you waste my time having me read this." Hell, you might not read it, either skim or skip, which I really don't want to happen.

To me though, this shocked me. Wonder what voice acting jobs he'll have next season.

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You were spot on with what I was going to comment.

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