Toaru Majutsu no Index

A science fiction Light Novel taking place in a Tokyo that exceeds technology of the so called outside world. 

If you haven't heard of Toaru Majutsu no Index, Index for short, then let me congratulate you for being able to survive under a rock. Though if you haven't been living under a rock, then you must be an oblivious person. People on /a/ used to make endless amounts of Index / Railgun Generals, until they were forcibly removed from the board by mods and popular request.

But enough insults, what kind of page insults the reader on the first sentence. I think I may be doing this wrong.

This page will focus on monitoring my progress through this Light Novel. And by monitoring, I really mean it. This is a gigantic feat for a reason.

I have made it a goal to read / catch up on the novels before February 22nd. And judging by the current pace I am going, I will barely reach this goal.
You might be thinking "Today is January 10th, you have more than 40 days to read all this!"
That may be true, but you see... the series is...

22 Volumes
That is ALOT OF VOLUMES. Not to mention there are two specials sprinkled in there, side stories to read (Like the Railgun books [there are two of them]) and some other minor things.
I won't even get started on New Testament (on two volumes)

It's going to be a fun trip, I hope you wish me luck, because after I drill all these books into my head, I might be a very tired and aged person. To go from not reading any books for 5 years to SUDDENLY picking up a book series that is past 4000 pages long... I hope you get my point.

UPDATE 9/12/12
I failed to meet my goal... but now I have my Vita hacked, and supposedly the pdf reader works (it didn't for me...maybe I did something wrong). Let's try to start this back up.

UPDATE 3/31/13
Vita PSP emulation doesn't have enough RAM, so whenever I try to open some Index PDFs, it just hangs and crashes. Not much can be done. However I was able to get my hands onto a book reader... maybe now I can continue onto the scene where Touma punches a nun so hard she goes spinning.

UPDATE 9/2/13
YAY! I finally caught up with the series! I started reading Index by around the beginning of 2012. Interestingly enough, there were only 3 volumes of New Testament out back then. After practically a year and a half of reading with many many breaks in-between volumes, I have caught up with the releases and am now eager awaiting the release of Volume 8 in 8 days. However I would need to wait for translations anyway. Guess I'll get started on side stories.

The Toaru Majutsu no Index

Volume # (pages)
Volume 1 (203)Jan 10, 2012Quite literally the first 6 episodes of the first animated season. Still a nice read. The art is funny.
Volume 2 (221)Jan 11, 2012RIP ANONYMOUS BRAIDED HAIR GIRL ;_;
Volume 3 (204)Jan 13, 2012One billions volts? I don't give a FUCK. You ain't got no amps on me!
 Volume 4 (215)Jan 14, 2012Yan, nya, etc. This blond guy is a grade-A troll.
 Volume 5 (217)Jan 25, 2012 Oh do I hate Mini-Misaka...
Man did I sure put off reading this! WAHAHAHA. 
Also, ep1 of Season 2 was in this, but Season 1 hasn't ended yet, fancy that!
 Volume 6 (218)Jan 29, 2012So much fanservice!
 Volume 7 (226)Apr 1, 2013Only took one year. Only one. This volume had tons of nun punching and kicking.
Also Tsuchimakodo or however you spell it is awesome as always.
 Volume 8 (161)Apr 2, 2013
JC Staff animated this series right? Season 2 in the middle of Season 1...
I should go rearrange the anime series into chronological order or something.
 Volume 9 (208)Apr 4, 2013Skimpy clothing, wet clothing, busty women and cheerleader nuns. Daihaseisai everybody!
Also a "To be continued" style ending boooooooo.
 Volume 10 (225)Apr 8, 2013Roman Catholics want to take over the world! Also don't fuck with Laura.
She'll have you air pressure ejected out of a plane with MAGIC.
 Volume 11 (249)Apr 10, 2013Scratch that, Roman Catholics don't want to take over the world...
They want to kill everyone and everything that isn't Roman Catholic
Also Touma has swooned another nun. Banzai.
 Volume 12 (177)Apr 11, 2013It's all fun and fanservice until Accelerator gets his ass kicked..
 Volume 13 (257)Apr 14, 2013...and then he develops some serious plot armor. Brain damage? What's that?
Volume SS1 (152)Apr 14, 2013Pretty nice volume. Tons of gap filling stories from different vantage points.
I believe this is the last animated content... will I be hitting brand new stuff now?
 Volume 14 (197)Apr 15, 2013There's just too much awesome shit in this chapter. Let me use the illustrations
BaseballTsuchimikado being TsuchimikadoMagic spell reagents and MIKOTO KNOWS (nopic)
 Volume 15 (210)Apr 16, 2013So mostly all the new characters introduced in this volume... died?
O-Okay then...
 Volume 16 (213)Apr 16, 2013
Touma is such a nice MC... #swoon
Volume SS2 (133)Apr 17, 2013Go go power rangers~
 Volume 17 (228)Apr 19, 2013
I always knew that all princesses were bitches and whores.
Also those briefcase girls were so... anti-climactic
 Volume 18 (255)Apr 22, 2013That was a raw as hell finale, god damn.
 Volume 19 (221)May 11, 2013QUICK LET'S ALL GO TO RUSSIA!
 Volume 20 (223)May 11, 2013So who is in Russia... Misaka, Touma, his perverted accomplice, Accelerator, Last Order,
Hamazura, his kuudere accomplice, Carissa, Vento, Acqua and Meltdowner.
 Volume 21 (186)May 12, 2013
Why is Lessar so lewd?
 Volume 22 (198)May 12, 2013

The Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament

Volume # (pages)
Volume 1 (255)May 18, 2013 Hamazura and Accelerator team up to save the life of a little girl.
They are about to fail when SUDDENLY TOUMA FUCKING SHOWS UP WHAT
Volume 2 (150)May 18, 2013So many people have been to Touma's room... god damn. Also it's fucking amazing seeing Touma,
Accelerator and Hamazura to work together. Especially Accelerator. He can use magic now? 
 Volume 3 (233) Aug 19, 2013Now to take the whole gang to KAWAII HAWAII XDDDD. Oh President-san-sama~ 
 Volume 4 (268) Aug 21, 2013Now this had some amazing scenes play through my head. Russian Roulette with "live" video
streams. Favorite one was where a guy had his arms melded together and transformed into a
faucet and then when opened, all his blood poured out. Poor guy ;_; 
 Volume 5 (160) Aug 22, 2013 Finally, Touma is back to being the prime MC. And as usual he's back to being hospitalized.
He's one cheeky cunt tho i swer m8 playn triks n shit
 Volume 6 (271) Aug 24, 2013Dark matter beetles acting so moe.
/a/, I am severely disappointed
(oops, all the hype was directed towards Toaru Jihanki no Fanfare) 
Volume 8 (?)Sep 15, 2013So Othinus didn't really need the help of anyone to become 100% success.
And then she ends the world on a...whim... But why though?

The Toaru Majutsu no Index Side Stories

Volume # (pages)
CompletedPlace Chronologically (starts)
Toaru Majutsu no Index SP (?)
Stiyl: Between Vol. 11 and 12 (Sept 28)
Mark: ???
Kamijou: ???
Uiharu: Between Vol. 1 and 2 (Aug 1)
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Toaru Love Letter SS (19)
Sep 2, 2013Between Vol. 16 and 17
(Oct 15)
Toaru Majutsu no Index SS
Norse Mythology (?)

Toaru Jihanki no Fanfare (58)Sep 3, 2013
During Vol. 1 before Index destroys TD
(Jul 26)
A Certain Collaboration (?)

Not Canon
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Road to Endymion (?)

Between Vol. 7 and 8
(Sep 10)
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Railgun SS - Liberal Arts City (?)

Between Vol. 6 and 7
(Sep 3)
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Railgun SS2 - Shopping Mall Demonstration (?)

Before Vol. 1
(Jul 1)
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