Hello once again. It has been 2 months since my last post, so let's make this one count. Just today, I bought the DLC for the game Muramasa, a beat-em-up style game that has some insane combos and rapid movements. Contains in that little Image Spoiler button are a bunch of screenshots I had taken on my playthrough of the short but fulfilling DLC.
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A valid depiction of what I'm doing to this site, in a ways

Hello. As anybody could tell from a glance, you could see that the site isn't exactly lively. And here I am taking one of the main things I do away from it. 

The Current Shows page is going to be discontinued. I am going to be mo ... Read more »
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It's late but hey, someone has to make one post per month.
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A fitting place to hold a party

I mentioned it once back in September but completely forgot about it in October. Then it dawned on me today in mid-November as I was updating the Melty Blood page...

I forgot to make a post about the birthday!
So here it is!

If you want to play Melty Blood, the deadest fighting game next to SFxT and BlazBlue, feel free to use the guide I made. It probably isn't a 1:1 guide like it used to be since new links have been added, but hey, I tried my best to make it retard friendly, maybe it's so good of a guide that it'll stay retard friendly.
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CM behind the patented "Invisible Ban Shield with Ignore List protection 2000 DELUXE"

"If you're so upset, go make a blog post about it!"
"I will!"

I did.
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It's time for Little Busters Refrain. Things start to get real. 

Subs: CR (HorribleSubs)
Release Day: Sunday (dynamic)

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White Album 2 is set 10 years after the original, and has very little to do with the first story.THIS SHOW CAN BE WATCHED WITHOUT WATCHING THE SHITTY ORIGINAL SERIES. THANK GOD.

This show is an adaption of one of a fairly popular visual novel. I've heard good things about it, but I doubt that it'll ever be translated. Let's give this a try. Subs: CR (HorribleSubs)
Release Day: Sunday (dynamic)

... Read more »
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Next on my line-up is Log Horizon, a blatant Sword Art Online clone. People are sucked into an RPG world with no explanation as to how and... this episode didn't establish much.

Subs: CR (HorribleSubs)
Release Day: Saturday (dynamic)
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A new day for more fucking anime posts. Today I had the liberty of watching, screenshooting, recording and uploading images/videos of Outbreak Company. Basic summary of the show is that an otaku is recruited into a job that has him be the ambassador of anime and manga into a new realm.

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Next on my list of shows to watch is Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita or Yuushibu for short. The plot is that after the demon lord is slain, all the heroes in the world became unemployed and subsequently the MC was forced to become a store clerk. One day a new employee shows up and lo-and-behold she's the demon kings daughter.

It's basically Hataraku Maou-sama

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