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Hello once again. It has been 2 months since my last post, so let's make this one count. Just today, I bought the DLC for the game Muramasa, a beat-em-up style game that has some insane combos and rapid movements. Contains in that little Image Spoiler button are a bunch of screenshots I had taken on my playthrough of the short but fulfilling DLC.
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Alright, I haven't made an actual brand new game post in a while. I guess I can say I forgot how I did it. Although I know what I have to do. Fill space, type alot, and talk about myself.

I love Monster Hunter. It's a great game. Games like that really are the best. If you can sink 100's of hours into one game and not be close to beating it, and you don't tire of it, it's a great game. I even made a stupid goal to collect every item in that game. That's not progressing well.

In any case, why am I making a post about God Eater 2? That's not Monster Hunter! Well... it's not, but it's similar. But 7, why don't you make a blog post about that new Monster H ... Read more »

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I am now streaming!

And by that, I mean I am going to back to streaming video games. Video games that my computer is capable of streaming however. And by that I mean Visual Novels and emulator games. Now I'm going to answer some "W" questions.

Why am I going to be streaming? Well, the chatroom on the right side of this post is great and all, but is frequently dead and inactive. So as the King of UK, I have to take proper course of action. And what better way than to play comedic, erotic, visual novels. Sure some say reading is a bore, but that's where the comedic factor comes in. It's funny to watch my stream (so I've been told). It really livens up the place, and it's a fun experience for all.

It's a shame the new head moderator of the chatrooms (the guy who owns the place) keep banning my viewers because they are stupid ... Read more »

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People on the internet are stupid. Very, very, VERY, stupid. That, and I also am trying to get as many people I know playing this game, and to do that, I had to repeat so many steps. Each time I repeated a step, it might differ from before, problems might rise up, and it might not work.

After getting a prime example of a hopeless human being (didn't know that game patchers don't work on games still stuck in .7z files), I decided it would be beneficial for me in many ways to actually write a guide.

So if you want to play Melty Blood, head over to the Melty Blood page. The steps are VERY easy, I promise you. I tried my&nbs ... Read more »
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Hello everyone, and here is my monthly post! Now-a-days, my fancy is the intense (and button mashing for the weak minded, such as myself) game genre called 2D Fighter! And that is EXACTLY what Melty Blood.

If you browsed /a/ for the past year, you might already know what Melty Blood is, because when the game was cracked and able to be released with ease worldwide, tons and TONS of people began playing it.

But here I am, extremely late. But a lack of a major portion of the community means nothing, the game is still there, and some people over at /jp/ are still playing it.

Note: The game can be played at any resolution, all images are at the default 640x480 for ease of placement, etc. Also Actress Again is available for the PS2, if you desire to play it on a console.

If you want to play Melty Blood Actress Again, click ... Read more »

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Hello hello classmates, google searchers, and people I force to click my websites link. I am here to make my typical monthly post (ignore the announcement, that doesn't even count).

On February 22nd, I bought (with huge amounts of credit and giftcards) a PlayStation Vita. I only had to pay $7, fancy that! But then I had to get a memory card and a game, so tack on $65.

In any case, after pawning everything I own gaming related to GameStop, I obtained said Vita, and man I've been playing this thing ALOT.

Now I'm inexperienced at this whole hardware review bullmess, so I'm going to take a novices approach at this.

When you first turn on the Vita (after holding the power button for a short while), you are greeted with a tab that you must pull down (oooo) to get to the generic setup menu. Where you live, time of ... Read more »

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I'm sure we all know by now, but Katawa Shoujo is coming out on January 4th, which is the last day of my winter break, but I'll diligently work my way through the game.
I'll be sure to post a review on here as well.

Oh btw, if you like this game you might like Niji no Kanata ni, or you may not. I'm not quite sure on how I feel about that game myself.

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Hello hello! It's been nearly a month since my last post, and not much has happened, aside from me getting two new games.

One of which is The Idolm@ster SP : Perfect Sun, translated by some fellows over at /jp/. It's an official TLWiki project, you should check it out

Now like the fine gentleman I am, I decided to go down the best route, Makoto's route.
(I hope that's how you spell her name, should be right...)

Little details about this game...let's see... the choices have to be fast, it has some rhythm aspects in them, heavily focuses on timing. Might be cool.

Download link: Here

Next up is poss ... Read more »

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Hello everyone! It's been a while since a new game has been uploaded. This time it's some of that delicious


Featuring, from what I've gathered, Nero, Archer, and another different Caster. All three are waifu/husbando material, especially with an infamous tsuntsun scene from whom I must not say.

Another key fact that I gathered is that it's extreme Rock Paper Scissors. It's hard to guess what moves the enemy is going to do because of the RPS style, and you can't exactly fake out AI.

So take the damn torrent!

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Hurrah! Dragon's Nest Open Beta is finally out, which means all the IGNs are taken... Closed Beta ended on June 20, Dragon Nest Open Beta testing began July 26, 2011 and will be available to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. On August 9th, the game will be officially live.

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