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Megaupload has been taken down!



(see what I did, I'm so fancy)

Have been taken down. In a nutshell, yes, they have been taken down. Emphisis on taken down.

I do not know much about it, like many other people (streamers at the moment are panicing and wondering why their internet is dying). But I do know some minor things.

Today, being January 19th, is the day that the FBI has shut down MegaUpload, which in turn shuts down everything affiliated, such as MegaPorn, MegaPix, MegaLive, MegaBox, and the big BIG one, MEGAVIDEO! Reason for shutdown? It is said that the site held copyright infringing material, and the result was that the "founder and several company executives were charged with violating piracy laws".

If you don't know what the main purpose of MegaVideo was, and you are still wondering why I am making this post, then let me fill you in.

MegaVideo and MegaUpload are extremely populated with anime, manga, and Visual Novels (of the anime variety). So with the shutdown of MegaUpload, many people hosting DDLs on MegaVideo had them lost. But the kicker is a heaping helping of anime is hosted on MegaVideo (in 3 parts or less).

Now I don't stream, and I don't DDL, so I am unaffected, but since I rarely make posts, moments like these don't come along that often. It feels good to inform people who are frantically looking on google,


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LOLOLOLOLOLOL ANILINKZ IS GOING TO DIE. That aside I've always prefered mediafire and tpb anyways.

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