Dungeoneer Mapper  R1v1.1
(manual input)



A simple 8x8 grid. It looks more like a rectangle, but that’s because each block is three characters wide. ‘[_]’

Colors ; Keys ; Home

Each number has a code. The whole right side can be used as a helpful reference whenever you edit coordinates in the next function.

Clear Data

Resets the map, clearing colors, letters. Use whenever you clear your current floor.


At the bottom right corner of the program, it displays the current coordinate selected.

Patch Notes

  • Dungeoneer Mapper  R1v1.1
    • Reworked how to input data
      • Instead of pressing 'e' and having to type the Color number, then the appropriate letter, you can just press it right off the bat. However the letters are case sensitive.
    • No longer creates the folder 'C:\Dungeon', and the 64 coordinate text files '11.txt,12.txt,13.txt...etc'
    • Source code reduced from 2477 lines to 473
  • Dungeoneer Mapper v1.0
    • Initial Release, wasn't posted onto site.

Known Issues

  • When Clearing Data, the cursor selects the ‘[‘ on (1,1) instead of the blank space. The program still works as if it were on the ‘_’.

Fixed Issues

  • Entering letters into Color (v1.0) Removed the feature entirely
  • Debug doesn’t debug (Debug was supposed to fix entering letters into Color) (v1.0) Removed the feature entirely
  • Pressing enter with no input multiple times when editing coordinates cause the program to scroll down (v1.0) Removed the feature entirely

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