I've shirked my duties and was rejected by The Grind

Made the list of show I plan on watching in Spring. Go hover over Current Shows -> Spring 2013 and go look at the list I plan on watching. You can also see the chart of every show.

Although if I don't watch it, it's probably shit. Probably.

I know some of you /vg/ guys lurk here too. Hello.
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Click it, it dances

Complete with a completely unrelated opening image. Hello everyone who even bothers coming to this site. Here is an update that will involve more effort than last month.

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Did the image hook your attention for a split second? Good. The new page is up under the Current Shows tab. WE ARE NOW 2013 BABY.


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My body after learning about this

Browsing 4chan /a/ one morning (today actually) and I stumble upon a thread with a picture of Keima and a link to AnimeNewsNetwork. The link includes the words "season 3" and "OVA" and all this good stuff that everyone jokes about.
Anyway, so I copy and paste the link and I am greeted by... THIS
Get hype get hype get hype get hype get h ... Read more »
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Well, I've been playing my Vita, League of Legends and also been doing college work.

What games? You haven't made a game post in forever
Since all the games are coming out now (just in time for Christmas), I've been buying them. For the Vita, they include games like Disgaea 3, Ragnarok Odyssey and PERSONA 4 THE GOLDEN.
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2 years old and still making monthly posts!
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Alright, I haven't made an actual brand new game post in a while. I guess I can say I forgot how I did it. Although I know what I have to do. Fill space, type alot, and talk about myself.

I love Monster Hunter. It's a great game. Games like that really are the best. If you can sink 100's of hours into one game and not be close to beating it, and you don't tire of it, it's a great game. I even made a stupid goal to collect every item in that game. That's not progressing well.

In any case, why am I making a post about God Eater 2? That's not Monster Hunter! Well... it's not, but it's similar. But 7, why don't you make a blog post about that new Monster H ... Read more »

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I am now streaming!

And by that, I mean I am going to back to streaming video games. Video games that my computer is capable of streaming however. And by that I mean Visual Novels and emulator games. Now I'm going to answer some "W" questions.

Why am I going to be streaming? Well, the chatroom on the right side of this post is great and all, but is frequently dead and inactive. So as the King of UK, I have to take proper course of action. And what better way than to play comedic, erotic, visual novels. Sure some say reading is a bore, but that's where the comedic factor comes in. It's funny to watch my stream (so I've been told). It really livens up the place, and it's a fun experience for all.

It's a shame the new head moderator of the chatrooms (the guy who owns the place) keep banning my viewers because they are stupid ... Read more »

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