I have been informed about how to register a website to a free domain name. FREE.

Why the hell would I pay for a website, unless of course I could implement a donation thing. Then again, the 2 people whom actually visit this site probably wouldn't loan me the money anyway.

Yo Hunter, loan me $20, I'll pay you back...over the course of 2 weeks with 1-3 dollar a day (varying on my mood)

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Episode 4 is out, HorribleSubs is doing their thing. 3 hours is a fast time. Anyway, I don't really have much to say right now so...

...now begins the image's with subtitles. Watch me flail around as I attempt to be funny.

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Look to the left! Check out the Site Menu! New page what what WHAT?

Just contains what shows I'm watching, and what episode will be coming out next. Also I might post about each episode too.


With that being said, bye.

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First shot at reviewing an episode. I'll try to lay low on the spoilers, but since I enjoy posting pictures, I might find that hard to do...

Oh well. I'll also be typing this as I watch, which will be great.

Started out ok. Teacher comes in. Talk about festival. Yaoi thoughts.

Yaoi praise

This show is fabulous

Fabulous~ Also it's a pinch

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Played this game for a bit, and was doing nothing but quests.

Let me start out by saying this game has a few types of quests. 2 of which are General quests, and Epic quests.

Epic quests progress the storyline, and you can start them at level 1 and do a big chain all the way to, probably the end of the game.

Thing is, I reached the end of the beginning chain, and I didn't see any new quests available. So I just did General quests from the townspeople, hoping to level up and get new quests.

A few moments ago, I sneezed and accidently hit the 'W' key. It was a big sneeze, anyway, I hit the key and the EPIC QUEST WINDOW popped up.

I was about to quit the game because I ran out of story quests. Yay for sneezing right?

Also register and subscribe to this god damn RSS feed...

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Recently, I've started playing a game called Dungeon Fighter Online. It's from the loveable company Nexon, who charge money for everything good in the game, then they take it away a month later.

Here is a beautiful LOW RES PHOTO!

I haven't made it far in this game yet, but I am a girl (go figure) and I shoot things. My gun is weak, but I have a skill that lets me whip out a gattling gun, like so...

ALSO, I love MMORPG's with a loot system. I love getting Purple items, playing WoW got me into this kinda stuff!

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