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That one post per month - March Update

Click it, it dances

Complete with a completely unrelated opening image. Hello everyone who even bothers coming to this site. Here is an update that will involve more effort than last month.

  • My stream page has moved to my chatango profile page thanks to the magic of HTML.
  • I was playing Runescape for the past month, but then Old School Runescape came out ( I've been playing that now but now I am growing tired of it...
  • I also bought a Nintendo DS a few weeks ago and then bought an R4 card online from HONGKONG. It has arrived, it is working, and now I can play any NDS game ever. For instance, Pokemon Black/White 2.
  • I wanted to get back into reading the Toaru no Majutsu Index light novels, but sadly I do not have a portable PDF viewer. Fuck reading a NOVEL on the computer. I want to be comfy in my bed or in a sofa couch.
  • I have REALLY settled down on my anime intake. My backlog is piling up and I fear I'm going to drop a ton of shows. Oh well!

See you guys next month.

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Well 7 SE 7 you're too good for me.

ps you a nigga

Obligatory 1 month comment:
I like old white men.

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