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God Eater 2 PV and More Stream Information

Alright, I haven't made an actual brand new game post in a while. I guess I can say I forgot how I did it. Although I know what I have to do. Fill space, type alot, and talk about myself.

I love Monster Hunter. It's a great game. Games like that really are the best. If you can sink 100's of hours into one game and not be close to beating it, and you don't tire of it, it's a great game. I even made a stupid goal to collect every item in that game. That's not progressing well.

In any case, why am I making a post about God Eater 2? That's not Monster Hunter! Well... it's not, but it's similar. But 7, why don't you make a blog post about that new Monster Hunter game coming out? 

Because that game is on the WiiU. Fuck Nintendo.

Anyway, as you can see from the trailer, the game looks great. Visually too. I mean, look at the Vita gameplay sections. That looks amazing. I am crying right now. I want it now. Also not only is it for Vita, it's for PSP. And crossplay is enabled. 

And that's pretty much all I know. If you want, you can read this OTHER blog post (where I saw this video first)

And now about the stream. Last night certainly wasn't any Maji Koi S stream night. It has a lot less insanity, in a nut shell. Normally the chatroom would be filled with LOL and repetition of funny stuff, even embarassing things could be said. For instance... (see chatroom)

But that stuff didn't happen. This time around with Little Busters was very tame... That is until my game started glitching and I was being yelled at to get the All Ages version of the game instead of the EX version. What's the difference? EX stands for Ecstasy. Think about it.

Also, game items were acting funky. Take a look at the item names and their icons

Which eventually led up to the grand finale

We'll see how it goes tonight. Same time as usual, 8PM Eastern Time.

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