Spring has finally begun to take action! Shows are popping up, and my list is constantly being updated SEEN HERE. In case you didn't know, THAT LIST is a list of shows I am watching this season, Spring 2012. Each show will be rated and listed accordingly, so if you are in search of something to watch, look at the list, look at my rating, which is of personal preference, and maybe even ask me "HEY SEVEN WHY DID YOU RATE ____ LOW YOU PIECE OF SHIT?"

 In any case, Kore wa Zombie... not much I can say but "Welcome back old friend". How long has it been since Season 1, a year? I missed this show, and can't wait for more HILARIOUS HIJINCT AND ANTICS XDDDDDD.

Also some fags on /a/ claim that it's 10 episodes long... need citations on that one.

Oh, and I ... Read more »

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Winter is winding down with many shows ending either this week or next week. Decent season, but Spring... I got a lot of things I'm going to see...

You can find it on your own with a little effort, but if you don't want to do anything on your own, it's in the Current Shows menu. Can you find that?

Hopefully I don't drop mostly everything, holy moly.

Also I am playing alot of Diablo 2, game is fun once you get to know the inner working of it (and don't have high level people 'rush' you. That means doing key quests to make you advance in the game at a very low level)

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Hello hello classmates, google searchers, and people I force to click my websites link. I am here to make my typical monthly post (ignore the announcement, that doesn't even count).

On February 22nd, I bought (with huge amounts of credit and giftcards) a PlayStation Vita. I only had to pay $7, fancy that! But then I had to get a memory card and a game, so tack on $65.

In any case, after pawning everything I own gaming related to GameStop, I obtained said Vita, and man I've been playing this thing ALOT.

Now I'm inexperienced at this whole hardware review bullmess, so I'm going to take a novices approach at this.

When you first turn on the Vita (after holding the power button for a short while), you are greeted with a tab that you must pull down (oooo) to get to the generic setup menu. Where you live, time of ... Read more »

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1. I have a Vita

I am playing it alot

2. I stopped streaming a long time ago, stop bothering me about it.

Now it's more of a special occasion guys

3. I watched some anime about Toothbrushing. It was glorious.

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FileSonic is a popular file hosting site, kind of like what MegaUpload was. People would use FileSonic for games split into parts, anime direct downloads (DDLs) and miscellaneous other files.

But when MegaUpload was forcefully taken down by the FBI, and had all the people who worked on the site and the spin off sites (such as MegaVideo, etc.) arrested, apparently people at FileSonic were spooked.

So to pr ... Read more »
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(see what I did, I'm so fancy)

Have been taken down. In a nutshell, yes, they have been taken down. Emphisis on taken down.

I do not know much about it, like many other people (streamers at the moment are panicing and wondering why their internet is dying). But I do know some minor things.

Today, being January 19th, is the day that the FBI has shut down MegaUpload, which in t ... Read more »
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Unless you haven't been showing up to the website (which I assume you haven't), you might see something different.

You can tell right? I'll give a hint. Mouse over Games and Books


It is! I toyed around with the Site Menu Builder and learned about making sections in the submenus! IT  -  LOOKS  -  AMAZING.

Now, it is very confusing and complicated, and people need help to decipher what exactly is happening in there. I shall take the time out of my busy schedule to explain what it all is.

Games -> Now Playing
[Games I spend my time playing, not what I am playing at this moment]
Games -> Current Flavor of the Month
[The game that I play above others. Usually games that are hard to complete or are very time consuming]
Games -> PC Games
[Master race video games posted on the site]
Games -> PSP Games
[PSP ... Read more »

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Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku

Remembrances of a Certain Pilot or Certain Memories of a Pilot

First off, let me just say... I haven't read books at all. The last time I sat down and read a book of my own free accord was probably 5 years ago. That means cl ... Read more »
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Happy Holidays and so forth. Hope you had fun with all the money you got from your relatives.

Two things I need to say, or rather want to say.

1. The site is being invaded by Russian advertisers. WHAT DO? 

2. I added a new page, I'm sure you can find it yourself. 

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I'm sure we all know by now, but Katawa Shoujo is coming out on January 4th, which is the last day of my winter break, but I'll diligently work my way through the game.
I'll be sure to post a review on here as well.

Oh btw, if you like this game you might like Niji no Kanata ni, or you may not. I'm not quite sure on how I feel about that game myself.

Category: Games | Views: 4001 | Added by: holyshin | Date: 2011-12-19 | Comments (1)

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