I'm starting to feel the weight of making so many posts. My screenshooting finger is going ballistic! I contained myself for this episode though.

This is Golden Time, a show about a guy who meets a rich guy who has problems with his childhood friend. They become bros and it's awesome.

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Next show that I've watched on Thursday is Infinite Stratos season 2. And man was it a struggle. Many times I had to pause and just my monitor a dirty look. "Was this seriously happening?" "Are you serious?" "Come on now"

This probably won't last.

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Based TRIGGER. New show just aired today from one of the greater studios in Japanese Animation. The much anticipated KILL la KILL is now out and subtitled. The pacing on this first episode was very fast so many points were covered. And since alot was covered, I took alot of pictures.

A brief summary of this episode would be... MC arrives at school and has a goal to beat the shit out of the school president who set up a super power hierarchy.

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Hello everyone. Back again to bring you another post. A new season has come along and I thought that it is high time that I go back to making posts about the new shows coming out. The format will be different though and I'm going to try to stick to it. The goal of these posts will be to get people to pick up the shows I post about. Sharing the experience and what not.

First on the list is KyoAni's Kyoukai no Kanata, a show about an immortal MC and his interactions with a girl who intends to kill him (use him as target practice to get over her fears)

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New shows page has been added. Click here to see all the shows that I plan on watching in Fall 2013. I also updated the Summer 2013 page with new rating and...

I dropped a lot of shows. Not because they were bad though.
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I'm doing it again. Go read Toaru Majutsu no Index. It's good.
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The current state of this website

Here I am once again to make my monthly post. This time I am just posting the season post about how I've added a new page with the chart and the shows I am planning on watching.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: The World God Only Knows S3 and Bakemonogatari S2

Have a nice day

Link here

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Summer anime list will be made soon (when I get around to it)

It's going to be a good Summer compared to all the other ones.

Nothing else to say aside from this site is dead rip in peace.

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