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No, it's a dog.

Time for Soredemo, even though this was released a while ago, I felt like taking my sweet time in posting the images. Maids, and love stories. Failed confession attempts and some grade school loving.

D-Don't get me wrong here, it's not like enjoy this kind of shows, i-t's just I enjoy posting random images...baka.

Girl on the right.

This man has excellent aim, I c ... Read more »

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Japanese 911 the same as American 911?

Took me a while to do this one, but yeah, I did it! I'm going to make this information short and sweet, because Yosuga no Sora 6 got released.

Uh, um, Halloween, guy goes to his childhood friends home, spends the night. You know the drill.

... Read more »

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Taro (TOP: Son, BOTTOM: Younger Brother) will be ours, you just wait Yuno...

I'm late by 1 day since release...what? As usually, I watched this show with a retarded grin on my face, constantly thing, "Oh god what are ___ going to do NOW oh my god oh my god *cringe*".

I managed to snag some screenshots, and some are taken out of context. Cry moar. If you want to know what is happening, watch the sho bro.

It's in chronological order too, so yeah, don't be confused.

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Long ago, I was recommended this show by my dearest Norwegian friend Wataa. I started to watch episode 1, but got bored within a few minutes.

But /a/ is going apeshit over this show, so I'm giving it a 2nd chance.

Go to and tell me anything about this show, without spoiling. If I'm on, my username is 7se7en, and I usually talk alot of shit to everyone.

In the mean time, I'm downloading the whole series so far. Only 18 episodes are out as of right now. Apparently it has tsundere and romance, I don't know.

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Alright, last post of the night, then I'll go play some games. I've spend the last 2 days just sitting on my fat ASS and watching nothing but Youtube videos and animes.

I need to reach level 30 in DFO! ~de geso.

Anyway, this episode overshadowed every other Panty Stocking episode. No joke. The 2nd half, which contains the main fight scene, was full of jaw dropping scenes.

And since this show is partially comedy, many pictures were possible. Around 30 is how many I took. Such a shame I'm limited to only adding 20 pictures per blog post, unless if I manually add the HTML codes onto the blog...
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Why don't you watch this show...!

Probably the final post of tonight. This is a very VERY serious show, and so the funny scenes are very rare. 

NONE-THE-LESS! I managed to snag some highlights of the episode.

Brace yourself, because from the makers of 

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Don't mind me, just doin' muh GAR walk, leaving behind the main character 'cause I don't need 'em.

Helloooooo. Give a big welcoming hand to Holyshin! My newest member whom probably won't EVER visit this site again. Who know? Maybe I can blackmail him to visit everyday seeing that I have his IP and I have some DDoS tool to shutdown his internet~~~.

Amagami SS 18 - is - out - and - watched. Screenshots yay!

Expect to see plot.

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