Excuse the weird image sized. The white spaces are parts of the images because they were too big, so I used a program to shrink them all down to size. I've only spent about 1 and a half hours trying to make this post. ONLY ONE AND A HALF HOURS!

Sora no Otoshimono Fridays! It's time!

Part [1/2]: Quiz Time Show
Part [2/2]: Astrea vs. Tomoki

Shenanigans. Simply shenanigans.

With that being said, let the bombardment of images/spoilers begin! Also the next show I plan on watching is Amagami SS. Episode 18 out of 26. Holy crap.
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No, not really. The end.

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Vandom show ish vedy vandom. Show bring much delight, Vladimir James iz pleased with ze squids.

Now for ze bombardment of ze photos of, how you say, loli squid tentacle jamboree.

"I'm going to abduct you blahblahblah aliens blahblahblah"


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I skipped the first 15 minutes, because I was told by the sub group it was a new arc...and yet the old girl is still wasting my time.


Have some links to pictures (in order)

Also it seems I can't time screenshots to have them look like the person was talking. You can hopefully guess correctly right?


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Basically, how the girls changed after being "conquered".

I like these, but I wish the artist would continue the story, not release FILLER!

Kusunoki (Dojo girl 1)


Haqua (The 2nd demon of the show, thinks she's all that) and Chihiro

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Quality anime.

It's been out for a while, I just haven't gotten around to watching it. It was a good show, but now it's super serious, so I can't post anything that would make you laugh.

So I'll just point out flaws until the lol's begin.

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Blog about my life: Goes in the ETC section...maybe.

Games: Seems like a retarded idea, might be scrapped. I can't really blog about games because my computer can't handle many GREAT games, unless if Hunter's dad gives me his computer that he might replace next year. I WON'T FORGET.

Anime/Manga: Instead of posting exactly when the episode comes out, I'll just watch it, take some screenshots of funny scenes, and post them here. Expect some giggles. This might result in YOU actually watching the episode before I make the post, whatever.

Music & Video: Video of the Week to-mor-row.

That is all, I must now go watch some animes. It's piling up, and I don't like it when that happens...

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I got a pillow case full of candy because idiots like to put out buckets of candy saying "Please take 2"

Here's the episode, this is a good show, funny too. You guys might like it.
Category: Anime/Manga | Views: 284 | Added by: 7se7 | Date: 2010-11-01 | Comments (2)

Expecting the fabulous, might not be disappoint.
Expecting cougars too.

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