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4:45 AM
Panty & Stocking episode 6

Alright, last post of the night, then I'll go play some games. I've spend the last 2 days just sitting on my fat ASS and watching nothing but Youtube videos and animes.

I need to reach level 30 in DFO! ~de geso.

Anyway, this episode overshadowed every other Panty Stocking episode. No joke. The 2nd half, which contains the main fight scene, was full of jaw dropping scenes.

And since this show is partially comedy, many pictures were possible. Around 30 is how many I took. Such a shame I'm limited to only adding 20 pictures per blog post, unless if I manually add the HTML codes onto the blog...

...TL;DR Alot of images, exceeds limit.

Two demons with red carpet entrances. This was the running gag.

Haha. It's funny cause she's talking about penis.

Guys! I made it into the show! YOU JELLY?

Oh, how could I forget to SHOW you the two demons. They are demons, opposite of angels, and they have weapons of their own. They even got TRANSFORMATION SCENES!

If only they weren't red.

These images aren't out of order.

Haha. It's funny because-

Pew pew.

And that's about all I'm going to post. Wouldn't want to spoil the ending! Also I don't want to go back and take more screenshots, resize them, and then make a blog post.

Last one for the night, really!

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