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To those of the few to none that come to this measly site, I have good news!

The Current Shows page has been redone due to the fact that I cannot have more than 60,000 characters in the HTML code of the page. So basically, the chart became too large (I feared this would happen about 6-9 months ago).

Now if you click the Current Shows page, you can get to a portal that can then lead you to each specific season, OR you could just hover over it, and click one of the seasons in the drop menu.

On a side note

I want to go back to posting all those images from anime that I watch, but the way I was doing it was a complete and utter hassle, which turned me off the whole idea. 

So instead, I'm going to do it Sankakucomplex style. Post an eye catching image, write a paragraph about god knows what, maybe link to previous posts, and then dump images. I just have to figure o ... Read more »

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