Profiteer v1.4.13

• Prices
• Buy / Sell
• History / Manage
• Change Item
• Reset History
• Reset Everything / Install
• Exit
• Balance
• Items until Balance = 0


Can be edited inside the Buy and Sell feature. Item name can be changed by pressing 4. 

Buy ; Sell

1. Type in how much money you spent, and how many items you bought. The price is calculated on its own. 
2. Updates the History, and the Buy / Sell prices

 History / Manage

Displays the first 20 entries in the History files. Once the notification that you have more than 20 items in your History you should press C to move it. 

Change Item

As the name implies, it changed the current item name. Used to better keep track of the History.

Reset History ; Reset Everything / Install

1. Clears the History text file, and doesn’t copy it to FullHist, meaning the data is lost permanently. 
2. Does what Reset History does, but also clears the Item name, prices, and the balance. ALSO INSTALLS FILES (they are only text files, doing this prevents problems).

Balance ; Amount until Balanced

Purchases are logged into a balance. The first number is how much profit made, or how far in debt you are. The other number after the ';' is how many items you have to sell at the current sell price to balance it out, and hopefully begin making profit. 

Patch Notes (Released Versions)

  • Profiteer v1.4.13
    • Saves into a new directory 'C:\Sevens\Profit', next update will change the tip
    • Each item gets its own history file. The directory, disregarding the tip, is 'C:\Sevens\Profit\Specific'
    • When resetting the History, either using '<' or '>', it says so in the History logs
      • The balance is now also reset to '0'.
  • Profiteer v1.3.1
    • Red colors are now more vivid
    • View sections of the 'FullHist.txt' file.
  • Profiteer v1.3
    • Display of 18+ items in the history would be glitchy. Text would go into the status bar.
    • 'FullHist.txt' wouldn't update properly. It would leave gigantic gaps between each time you copied over the 'History.txt' file.
    • Added ability to view the 'FullHist.txt' within the program. Only shows the last 23 transactions since the window is only 25 text lines big.
  • Profiteer v1.2.2
    • History would only display the first line in the History.
    • The 'Reset Everything' command would reset all counters inside the 'Main.txt' file. This would cause the 'FullHist.txt' to lose it's core counter, causing problems for the entire program. (Through testing, trying to exit the program caused 3 lines of text to show up, then Sell was executed, the price was 1e10*3218937 and the amount was ~~~. Weird things happen when random RAM addresses are assigned.)
  • Profiteer v1.2
    • Buy and Sell interface changed
      • When it would ask for input, you'd have to know how much you sold your item for. That would require outside calculation, so now it will ask for how much money EARNT or SPENT, and how many items you bought. Money divided by Amount = Price.
    • Added a counter next to balance
      • If your balance is a negative number, the counter shows up, dividing the balance by your current sell price. It displays how many items you'd need to sell to start making profit.
    • Buy and Sell words changed to B: and S:
    • Reset buttons changed to < and > so accidental deletion wouldn't occur
    • Reseting the History '<' doesn't reset the Balance anymore
    • Typo 'Reset Everthing / Install'
    • History can now be copied over to a permanent file, safe from clearing. Default path is 'C:\Profit\FullHist.txt'

Download v1.4.13

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