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First thing I did with this entire show was watched the 2nd season first. From episodes 1 to 7, I mainly understood what was going on, mainly because this shit has no plot.

I did this under the assumption that Season 2 was actually a remake of Season 1, and that it would be sticking more to the mangas story. However, what REALLY was the case was that Season 1 strayed off from the manga, and to my knowledge, Season 2 would take place right afterward.

I finished Season 1 (26 episodes) in practically 2 days. However, some things didn't line up... Season 2 had girls that weren't introduced in Season 1, Rito was never turned into a girl in Season 1, and he never had a plant girl with him, what the hell?

Turns out that there are OVA's that aired over the span of 1 year, and that filled the bridge. GOOD NEWS: Videos were made for PSP, BAD NEWS: Very very low download speed. NEUTRAL NEWS: Small file sizes (due to being PSP format).

Another thing that bothers me though, is Season 2. Censored versions air first, and then 3-5 days later, uncensored versions air. You might be thinking (well a few rays of light can't be that bad). Haha- WRONG

Explain to me what is going on in that picture.

It's not fair, uncensored should air first, instead of getting this crap to suit my impatience.

I recommend this show, it's pretty good.

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I prefer the retarded black splat things in samurai girls over this ray of light crap.

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