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To Aru Majutsu no Index II episode 7

Did it with a mental condition.

I believe this is my first anime post in a while. Anywho, there are spoilers in this post. Cry more if I ruin your experience, go browse on /a/, then tell me about spoilers.


Yeah! Hit her with that la...


...p. Not cool.

I swear, the producers of this show must really hate women

She fell 3 stories, thought I should mention that.

Skip about the entire episode (because it's all serious stuff) and we reach the last 2 minutes of the show...

The Accelerator fight scene was VERY INTENSE! The Kuroko part was pretty meh.
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2 Wataa  
Accelerator is still the strongest level 5 even though he is weaker now then from before :3

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1 holyshin  
Hate women? I'd assume so, its a very otaku thing to do.

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