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The World God only knows episode 9


December! The year is almost over! Only 2 years and 20 days until we all bite the dust! Can't wait right?

Anywho, this was released not too long ago, and I watched it...not too long ago. Haven't done this in a while, and there aren't that many pictures.

Technically if you add too much flour, it'll rise too much and explode on its own. Just sayin'

Calls it like she sees it.

FINALLY! FIRE TRUCK RUNNING GAG BEGINS! You don't know how long I've been waiting for this to start.

A VERY LONG TIME! (about 1 month)

Hey 7se7en, where's my Librarian girl? I didn't see any pictures of her...
You're right, you didn't.
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2 Wataa  
2 years and 19 days what?!?!?

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1 holyshin  
Damn it.

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