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Sora no Otoshimono Forte episode 7


Almost a week late for posting this- wait, how can I be late, I have no deadlines.
For some reason though, my image converter made all my pictures nice and plump, and when I say plump, I mean inflated file size.

It baffles me that I, the admin of the site, still has a file upload limit.

Grows into a big watermelon with tentacles and proceeds to rape everyone. Maybe.

Countdown until he teleports back

Considerate for being a murderous angeloid.

New character, don't like her that much, because she's flat.

Last picture subtitle got me thinking...if I recall correctly, Angeloids were manufactured right? I might be wrong, but if so, why would they be given emotions such as embarrassment, and, sorry in advance, WHY THE HELL DO THAT HAVE TITS BIGGER THAN AN AVERAGE PERSONS HEAD?

Fucking anime, makes no sense.

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Because people like big tits.

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