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Nothing goes as planned

Rage Story, read at your own leisure. You might get a kick out of it.

My Grand parents are cool, even though we aren't blood related at all. They mailed me $10 over the weekend, and seeing I had a PSP with no games, I decided to charge it to my online "wallet".

After having problems having the damn thing accepting my mothers credit card (I had the address wrong, took me 15 minutes to figure it out). It was around 4:30PM at the time.

I browse around and find a game, Burnout Legends, and begin downloading around 4:50PM. I walk away and leave my PSP to download the entire 434Mb game. It said it had 30 minutes remaining, but oh boy...was it wrong...

My internet "setup" is a weird one. We have a black box that houses the main internet. Then I have a modem connects to the black box, and that gives internet to my computer. It also transmits wireless signals, which is great for me to download games from inside my room.

But's been overheating and shutting off for a VERY short amount of time, and turning back on. So here I am, 50% downloaded after 15 minutes, and suddenly, the modem goes out. It turns back on instantly, but none-the-less, the PSP is like "Where'd the signal go?"

It disconnects me, and deletes all my progress. I retry, and it disconnects me even faster. Then over the span of 2 hours, I try to at least download the game 7 times, but it all fails. So I get a bright idea. Why not use someone else's modem?

I put on my jacket, some shoes, and walk around the neighborhood constantly scanning for wi-fi spots without a security code. To my luck, I found one, and it was a strong signal! I then go find a corner to stand on, and I begin to download my game. 30 minutes remaining until it completes. (Keep in mind that it is now 7:00PM)

I talk to myself for a while, counted to 60 multiple times, and even paced around. I was afraid I'd lose my connection, so I stopped pacing. Another thing to keep in mind however, is the fact that yes I may have a jacket, but I'm wearing dress pants. It's extremely thin pants, and since it's night time, the weather is cold and windy.

My toes get cold and my legs are somewhat shaky. But after 30 minutes of standing around doing NOTHING, the download completes.

Then, it had to install the game.

10 minutes later, it installs the game. I walk home, and play it until my PSP battery dies 15 minutes later.

During the time it took me to type this entire wall of text (20 minutes), my internet died and came back twice. This has to be fixed soon.

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I laugh at your internet.

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PSP with no games for over a month? ARE YOU A WIZARD?

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