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Monthly Post / Update

Hello! Long time no post! I am still unable to access my website. Any time I try to access my site, it fails. But how am I on it now? Simple. I am using a proxy. Weird huh?

Anyway, what have I been doing with my time on Summer Vacation? So far I've been playing World of Warcraft, or was for that matter until the guild I was in crumbled.

Now I don't have the 'drive' to play that game. Oh, and speaking of a lack of 'drive', since Greyyy shut me down in every match I played against him, I no longer want to play Melty Blood.

Thanks Greyyy. I can foresee your comment now.

So what am I doing now? What am I going to do? I wish I knew honestly, because now I have nothing. I can't play real games because my desktop is fucked (thanks Craig) and my laptop overheats and blue-screens randomly. Now with a very bottlenecked selection of things to do, I'm going to play a game that I loved as a kid...


And I aint going to play it like some pussy faggot. No, I'm going to play it with my own set of Nuzlocke rules. The rules will be as follows:

  • Must attempt to capture the first pokemon of each zone / route
  • Must attempt to capture every shiny encounter
  • If a Pokemon faints, it's dead and must be released (or placed in a memorial box in PC)

Those rules seem like they are small in number, so I hope I didn't leave anything out that royally fuck me over. I play on making a page for this adventure, so stay tuned for changes in the menu bar up top!

Oh and my site is still being attacked by advertisers. Thing is though, they've been attacking for so long, they are bugging out. Their messages are cutting off. See for yourself.

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2 holyshin  
Pokemon takes too long to play.

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3 7se7  
Well I got all Summmer cool

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1 the grey  
how long u gonna be butt hurt over the computer

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