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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD Episode 1 Clip

Spring has finally begun to take action! Shows are popping up, and my list is constantly being updated SEEN HERE. In case you didn't know, THAT LIST is a list of shows I am watching this season, Spring 2012. Each show will be rated and listed accordingly, so if you are in search of something to watch, look at the list, look at my rating, which is of personal preference, and maybe even ask me "HEY SEVEN WHY DID YOU RATE ____ LOW YOU PIECE OF SHIT?"

 In any case, Kore wa Zombie... not much I can say but "Welcome back old friend". How long has it been since Season 1, a year? I missed this show, and can't wait for more HILARIOUS HIJINCT AND ANTICS XDDDDDD.

Also some fags on /a/ claim that it's 10 episodes long... need citations on that one.

Oh, and I plan on making posts about every episode I upload a youtube clip on. My youtube account is


and my old one is just Yurumates, but I don't upload stuff on that account anymore, it's just an archive right now and forever more. Just sour about those copyright strikes!

And to wrap up this post, Sintes is gay and Bigley has no friend lolXD I epic troll

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