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Sora no Otoshimono Forte episode 6

Excuse the weird image sized. The white spaces are parts of the images because they were too big, so I used a program to shrink them all down to size. I've only spent about 1 and a half hours trying to make this post. ONLY ONE AND A HALF HOURS!

Sora no Otoshimono Fridays! It's time!

Part [1/2]: Quiz Time Show
Part [2/2]: Astrea vs. Tomoki

Shenanigans. Simply shenanigans.

With that being said, let the bombardment of images/spoilers begin! Also the next show I plan on watching is Amagami SS. Episode 18 out of 26. Holy crap.

Let me first say...I will search endlessly for the Bluray version of these videos. Why? No white ray of blinding light!

As seen here,

here, and...


Seems legit.

Wouldn't want to spoil ALL the questions, but I'll just skip to the very last one. The question is a repeat. SHENANIGANS!

And that's all I should post, the 2nd half if mostly Astrea fanservice. Me liked, you probably do too will like very much.

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