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Did the image hook your attention for a split second? Good. The new page is up under the Current Shows tab. WE ARE NOW 2013 BABY.


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Well, I've been playing my Vita, League of Legends and also been doing college work.

What games? You haven't made a game post in forever
Since all the games are coming out now (just in time for Christmas), I've been buying them. For the Vita, they include games like Disgaea 3, Ragnarok Odyssey and PERSONA 4 THE GOLDEN.
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2 years old and still making monthly posts!
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Hello! Long time no post! I am still unable to access my website. Any time I try to access my site, it fails. But how am I on it now? Simple. I am using a proxy. Weird huh?

Anyway, what have I been doing with my time on Summer Vacation? So far I've been playing World of Warcraft, or was for that matter until the guild I was in crumbled.

Now I don't have the 'drive' to play that game. Oh, and speaking of a lack of 'drive', since Greyyy shut me down in every match I played against him, I no longer want to play Melty Blood.

Thanks Greyyy. I can foresee your comment now.

So what am I doing now? What am I going to do? I wish I knew honestly, because now I have nothing. I can't play real games because my desktop is fucked (thanks Craig) and my laptop overheats and blue-screens randomly. Now with a very bottlenecked selection of things to do, I'm going to play a game that I loved as a kid...


And I aint going to play ... Read more »

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Well, the title is a lie. I'm not inactive. I come to this website daily. I am/was one of the two daily hits I get on my site. Although, now I can't even load my site! DOUSHIO!

I'm making this post via Opera Turbo, a proxy basically. And by god is it slow!

Oh, and the fun fact was underlined.

If you want to play games with me, talk to me when I'm in Unknown Chat. I play DFO (look at the FIRST BLOG POSTS a year ago to find out what that is) and Melty Blood.

I'm going to take you down Greyyy...

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1. I have a Vita

I am playing it alot

2. I stopped streaming a long time ago, stop bothering me about it.

Now it's more of a special occasion guys

3. I watched some anime about Toothbrushing. It was glorious.

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Unless you haven't been showing up to the website (which I assume you haven't), you might see something different.

You can tell right? I'll give a hint. Mouse over Games and Books


It is! I toyed around with the Site Menu Builder and learned about making sections in the submenus! IT  -  LOOKS  -  AMAZING.

Now, it is very confusing and complicated, and people need help to decipher what exactly is happening in there. I shall take the time out of my busy schedule to explain what it all is.

Games -> Now Playing
[Games I spend my time playing, not what I am playing at this moment]
Games -> Current Flavor of the Month
[The game that I play above others. Usually games that are hard to complete or are very time consuming]
Games -> PC Games
[Master race video games posted on the site]
Games -> PSP Games
[PSP ... Read more »

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Happy Holidays and so forth. Hope you had fun with all the money you got from your relatives.

Two things I need to say, or rather want to say.

1. The site is being invaded by Russian advertisers. WHAT DO? 

2. I added a new page, I'm sure you can find it yourself. 

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Just making a post stating

I'm alive and well, watching anime, playing my PSP and obessing over League of Legends

Christmas is coming up and the day of the North American release of the Playstation Vita is coming up with it.
(Although it's already out in Japan and on ebay)

So yeah, just keeping my one post a month thing going.

Might post something on Christmas day.

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To those of the few to none that come to this measly site, I have good news!

The Current Shows page has been redone due to the fact that I cannot have more than 60,000 characters in the HTML code of the page. So basically, the chart became too large (I feared this would happen about 6-9 months ago).

Now if you click the Current Shows page, you can get to a portal that can then lead you to each specific season, OR you could just hover over it, and click one of the seasons in the drop menu.

On a side note

I want to go back to posting all those images from anime that I watch, but the way I was doing it was a complete and utter hassle, which turned me off the whole idea. 

So instead, I'm going to do it Sankakucomplex style. Post an eye catching image, write a paragraph about god knows what, maybe link to previous posts, and then dump images. I just have to figure o ... Read more »

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