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Shinryaku! Ika Musume episode 5

Vandom show ish vedy vandom. Show bring much delight, Vladimir James iz pleased with ze squids.

Now for ze bombardment of ze photos of, how you say, loli squid tentacle jamboree.

"I'm going to abduct you blahblahblah aliens blahblahblah"


I-ka phone home.


It takes 4 "hands"... score 215,603,210,000,000 points.

People WANT Ika Musume. So many people.


Oh what? Why would you do that!

And this is only the first half of the episode. Go watch this show, it's funny. Very funny, that's why I keep posting scenes. It's full of funny scenes. There were 2 parts that could of been made into GIF's and been funny as hell.

(One scene she crawls on the ground and some girl runs up to her and is like "What.")

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