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PlayStation Vita Review

Hello hello classmates, google searchers, and people I force to click my websites link. I am here to make my typical monthly post (ignore the announcement, that doesn't even count).

On February 22nd, I bought (with huge amounts of credit and giftcards) a PlayStation Vita. I only had to pay $7, fancy that! But then I had to get a memory card and a game, so tack on $65.

In any case, after pawning everything I own gaming related to GameStop, I obtained said Vita, and man I've been playing this thing ALOT.

Now I'm inexperienced at this whole hardware review bullmess, so I'm going to take a novices approach at this.

When you first turn on the Vita (after holding the power button for a short while), you are greeted with a tab that you must pull down (oooo) to get to the generic setup menu. Where you live, time of day, the date, etc. Nothing too special. Afterwards you get to link your Vita to your PSN account.

Note - I hear things about swapping memory cards because seperate cards are for seperate accounts, might want to look into that
After the initial setup, you watch a long video introducing the Vita. Flashy, impressing, and other pointless things.

This brings me to the first point


After casting away the XMB that we've all grown to love and enjoy, Sony decided to replace it with the LiveArea, a touch-screen navigated UI that has bubbles covering it with those "waves" that Sony like to add on their gaming consoles / handhelds.

On the top menu, you will see - from left to right if everything is active on the WIFI MODEL - the Bluetooth Icon, WiFi connection, open Applications, Time, Battery Charge and the Notifications bubble

In the middle, you see my beautiful wallpaper (a transparent .png, more discussion later), my applications, and on the far left, barely visible bubbles that tell me where in the LiveArea I am. I am at the top of the menu, everything else is below it.

Now when you "open" an application (I chose Photos), you get this screen...

Depending on what application you open, the other buttons aside from Start are variable. At the top (near the ?) can show the Help Manual, the Website, Check for Updates (for the application) and Refresh

And that's about it, now I can list some notes that I have found out over the time I've had this

  • Press the PS Button to pause the application, and go do other things
    • Press it again to get a menu showing all open applications

  • Hold down the PS Button at anytime to get a submenu that looks like this

    • It's self explanatory
  • Press and hold both volume buttons to mute the sound quickly
  • You can play your music through MOST applications, you cannot play music with...
    • Lumines Demo
    • Videos that are playing (makes sense)
    • PSP Games
  • Pressing the PS Button with the Start button takes a screenshot. Some games do not allow screenshots, such as...
    • Wipeout 2048
    • Uncharted Demo (and probably the actual game as well)
    • PSP Games
  • To change the wallpaper or background waves of the Vita, hold down an area in the LiveArea for a while, and doing so will enable Edit Mode.

    • Touching Applications open their menu's (Delete, Information)
    • Drag them around to make the background more visibly appealing
    • Add Pages
    • Change the background and the waves in the background with the button the bottom right
  • You CANNOT have the web browser open with games running

 The things you will use most

I know you and you know me. The things we will use most often on this little device are Music, Video, Browser and our Games. You can't say I'm wrong, because I know you, I am you. I want to brush your teeth.

In any case, these features are smooth and easy to use, I don't even need to use pictures to aid you, because you are me and I'm not retarded.

  • Music
    • Listen to beautiful music, what else? You don't need this application to be the active application to keep your music playing. Select SHUFFLE (ALL), press the PS button and move on
  • Videos
    • I like anime, so you do too.
      • Supports 720p .mp4 videos, and on a 544p OLED screen, it looks gorgeous
  • Browser
    • It's fast, really fast. Faster than my current computer. (It's a Pentium 4)
  • Games
    • It's a gaming handheld console. You use it to primarily play games. If you don't you should of just gotten an iPhone 4.

Questions? Post in comments.

Sort of an abrupt ending isn't it?

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Vita sucks :D

# Videos

* I like anime, so you do too.
o Supports 720p .mp4 videos, and on a 544p OLED screen, it looks gorgeous

Or you could buy a computer/a TV for that money.

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