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Panty & Stocking episode 7

She has a banana on her head. A robotic banana.

My memory of this episode is hazy. It is full of random things, a few fights, nothing big. EXCEPT FOR MY COCK

Anywho, if you don't want spoilers, don't scroll too far down. This blog helps you know episodes are out (even though I post about them DAYS LATER).



And that is pretty much it. This half of the episode sucked ass, NEXT!

To be honest, I love Stocking more than I love Panty. Panty is just a slut, while less of a slut. I have mixed emotion on how I judge these two.

Stocking is better though, that I'm positive about.

Shut the hell up "Geek-boy".

They be playing that thar strip...roulette.

Pure disappointment, who can blame them? (It's not like they don't see Panty's vagina often anyway)

The end, go away.

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Still not watching this show.

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