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11:43 PM
Motto To LOVE-Ru
I'm going to be watching a brand new show (that is currently on it's 6th episode)

Motto To LOVE-Ru!

I plan on watching it because an internet friend of mine spammed images on a chatroom. I'm interested. Ironically however, the last time I tried to watch this show (season 1), I dropped it immediately.

Thing is, the 2nd season is airing right now, but I was told that the 2nd season is basically another version of the 1st season, only

" follows the story of the manga more closely."

Also I think it's a harem.

GOOD NEWS by the way.

All the images were in my history, check 'em out.

The art style reminds me of... Ladies vs Butlers, and Kanokon.

Both were good by the way, you should watch them. DON'T WATCH THE LADIES VS BUTLERS OVA'S THOUGH. It's softcore hentai :T

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