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Melty Blood

Hello everyone, and here is my monthly post! Now-a-days, my fancy is the intense (and button mashing for the weak minded, such as myself) game genre called 2D Fighter! And that is EXACTLY what Melty Blood.

If you browsed /a/ for the past year, you might already know what Melty Blood is, because when the game was cracked and able to be released with ease worldwide, tons and TONS of people began playing it.

But here I am, extremely late. But a lack of a major portion of the community means nothing, the game is still there, and some people over at /jp/ are still playing it.

Note: The game can be played at any resolution, all images are at the default 640x480 for ease of placement, etc. Also Actress Again is available for the PS2, if you desire to play it on a console.

If you want to play Melty Blood Actress Again, click HERE

The Melty Blood game I am playing is Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, which is, to my knowledge, the 4th game in the Melty Blood series. The other games in the series are as follows

Melty Blood

Melty Blood ReACT

and Melty Blood Act Cadenza

However, these games are out-dated and only Act Cadenza is able to be played online (with the use of 3rd party application and tampering).

Also, if you head over to MirrorMoon translations, you'll find they have ENGLISH INSTALLERS for these games, provided you have the game disc (just mount the .iso to a virtual drive). Actress Again doesn't have a full english patch, although the "NetPlay" patch Rev 1.2.0 translated moves, and tips, setting descriptions, etc. But if you look at the picture below, Rev 1.3.0 is out, and undid the translations :(

Actress Again allows you to play only via server or direct IP connections, and seeing that I don't have a proper CD Key, EVERYONE has to use the IP connection.

The roster of characters are the characters in the Tsukihime universe, or the Nasu-verse. Seeing that Actress Again has the most characters of all the rosters, I'll post that.

The only thing that bothers me is that some characters are on the roster multiple times, but with different costumes. That and some characters are on the roster as DUOS, such as the maids. You can play as them both, but DUOS play as tag team, you can't literally be them both.

The gameplay is nice, and I cannot be bothered to go into detail about the mechanics of this game. But I can say two things, there is a meter at the bottom of the screen, like all fighter games, and it can go up to 200/300 depending on which moveset you choose for your character. Once it hits 200/300 though, it hits MAX mode, and drains. If you do no special moves that otherwise use your meter, you will be reset back to 100/200.

Usually though, that is all situational. I don't want to go indepth, just get the game so I can play with people.

The other thing is that if you get it for the PC, don't be a keyboard warrior. It's extremely hard. Trust me. Go find a friend who has a PS3 and ask to borrow one of their controllers with a USB port on the front of it. You can use a PS3 controller as a game controller (with the help of 3rd part drivers).

You can use anything really, Xbox controller, PS3 controller, AN ACTUAL GAME STICK. Just don't use the keyboard, you won't like it.

Now go download this game! It can be found on

Helpful Links - General things, getting started and set up - Search the page for "Melty" and you should find the thread - Organize tournaments, has a community and some character threads. Blog looks inactive. - THE Wiki, some characters don't have combos filled out, so gay.

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Where did you get a no cd exe for 1.3?

Click the Melty Blood tab on the navigation bar. A simple guide I wrote up on how to get the game and 1.3

MBAAC English should be out soon enough.

You wanna play vs me? You need the most updated version though (1.3 for netplay, should be able to find the DL on the /jp/ thread)

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