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How to install / setup Melty Blood

People on the internet are stupid. Very, very, VERY, stupid. That, and I also am trying to get as many people I know playing this game, and to do that, I had to repeat so many steps. Each time I repeated a step, it might differ from before, problems might rise up, and it might not work.

After getting a prime example of a hopeless human being (didn't know that game patchers don't work on games still stuck in .7z files), I decided it would be beneficial for me in many ways to actually write a guide.

So if you want to play Melty Blood, head over to the Melty Blood page. The steps are VERY easy, I promise you. I tried my ABSOLUTE BEST to dim it down to Retard Comprehension levels. If you somehow still require assistance, you can reach me on Chatango in the Unknown Chat (which is located RIGHT over there). Username is 7se7en.

Oh, and before asking, try to take a logical course of action, one that could help yourself, not one that gets you into a deeper hole.
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