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Vandom show ish vedy vandom. Show bring much delight, Vladimir James iz pleased with ze squids.

Now for ze bombardment of ze photos of, how you say, loli squid tentacle jamboree.

"I'm going to abduct you blahblahblah aliens blahblahblah"


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Basically, how the girls changed after being "conquered".

I like these, but I wish the artist would continue the story, not release FILLER!

Kusunoki (Dojo girl 1)

Haqua (The 2nd demon of the show, thinks she's all that) and Chihiro

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Quality anime.

It's been out for a while, I just haven't gotten around to watching it. It was a good show, but now it's super serious, so I can't post anything that would make you laugh.

So I'll just point out flaws until the lol's begin.

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I got a pillow case full of candy because idiots like to put out buckets of candy saying "Please take 2"

Here's the episode, this is a good show, funny too. You guys might like it.
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Expecting the fabulous, might not be disappoint.
Expecting cougars too.

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While watching this series, I noticed that I was pressing the Skip Forward 15 Seconds button quite often. And by quite, I mean 10-20 times in a row.

The story isn't that good, especially when they literally throw in random fanservice that has no point to the show whatsoever, like so

Not to mention the story is hard to get into anyway. So yeah, why waste my time on a show I don't even watch.

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And finally, the last show to turn up after I fell asleep and went to sleep because I'm not a robot. *inhale*

 Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru!

The show is about the maid to the far left. She sounds like Maka from Soul Eater, because they have the same VA.

The animation is movie quality, no joke. I also read up somewhere, possibly 4chan /a/, that compared to the other shows that this studio has aired, this is the BEST animation that they've ever done ever.

Mainly, it's pretty funny, go download it. Stream sites suck dick.

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Good morning! I wake up, see new RSS updates, copy paste over to here!

To all those MORONS who don't know, MM! is about a boy who is EXTREMELY masochistic, and he seeks the aid of a tsundere'ish blonde girl (with a bunny head band), and a girl with androphobia, or the FEAR OF MEN.

Resembles the show Working!!, just take the main character from that, and make him ENJOY the punchs.

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