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My body after learning about this

Browsing 4chan /a/ one morning (today actually) and I stumble upon a thread with a picture of Keima and a link to AnimeNewsNetwork. The link includes the words "season 3" and "OVA" and all this good stuff that everyone jokes about.
Anyway, so I copy and paste the link and I am greeted by... THIS
Get hype get hype get hype get hype get h ... Read more »
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Soooooooooooooo here's some more. Because I feel like it. Contents obviously NSFW, borderline hentai. Link to first in case you need it.

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Seeing Horriblesubs taking over the anime releases, I should share the dates anime usually comes out, for Summer 2012. The reason I mention Horriblesubs is because their release dates are static, as well as the time of day.

Other shows subbed by other groups can have general release dates, or just delayed releases due to personal happenings. Horriblesubs however, rips subs from businesses that possibly gets paid to sub anime, like Crunchyroll for example.

Due to site issues, the list is at the bottom of this post. 

Bear in mind however, these times aren't absolute. Horriblesubs is 90% of the time right on with these times, (as well as Commie, another ripper), but you never know. Things happen.

More will be added to the list when I remember them. As you can see, I have alot on my list.

All of the times are in East ... Read more »

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Episode 2 of one of my favorite shows of the season has come out, and lucky for me, one of my favorite characters is in a fairly good fraction of it!

A short run down of the show is as follows: Ayumu becomes famous for his cross dressing and "beautiful legs". He wants to exile himself, and Tomonori or Tonomori or however you spell the blondes name, invited him to a mountain hike. The girls decide to tag along and then (see clip above). They come back, he's still famous, and he gets a love ocnfession from the Vampire Ninja who is obsessed with his ass.
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Next show is a hassle to say / type / read, so I will do none of that. So, like I plan on doing with every show or post I make, I am going to make an extremely short and simple synopsis, without spoiling.

From what I can tell, the show is about this typical feminine male main character who is targeted by 'Human Traffickers'. However, he has been assigned a guardian, an alien of Cthulhu mythology, and this person is to protect him.
Oh and she wants his dick.
And it's not mutual.

Typical comedy with funny scenes and cliches, i.e. "We have a new transfer student! She is extreme gifted in EVERYTHING"

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Well, another show of Spring 2012 is released, and this one is titled Sankarea! The basic run down of this show, as far as I know, is the main character whose name I won't bother trying to remember because 'lol japanese words too hard', is somewhat obsessed with zombies. His life dream is to meet a zombie, but not any ordinary zombie, a KAWAII zombie.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what will happen next, but who knows, maybe this show will surprise me.

Also, this character is my favorite so far (and she's cousins with the MC. Hot)

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Spring has finally begun to take action! Shows are popping up, and my list is constantly being updated SEEN HERE. In case you didn't know, THAT LIST is a list of shows I am watching this season, Spring 2012. Each show will be rated and listed accordingly, so if you are in search of something to watch, look at the list, look at my rating, which is of personal preference, and maybe even ask me "HEY SEVEN WHY DID YOU RATE ____ LOW YOU PIECE OF SHIT?"

 In any case, Kore wa Zombie... not much I can say but "Welcome back old friend". How long has it been since Season 1, a year? I missed this show, and can't wait for more HILARIOUS HIJINCT AND ANTICS XDDDDDD.

Also some fags on /a/ claim that it's 10 episodes long... need citations on that one.

Oh, and I ... Read more »

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Winter is winding down with many shows ending either this week or next week. Decent season, but Spring... I got a lot of things I'm going to see...

You can find it on your own with a little effort, but if you don't want to do anything on your own, it's in the Current Shows menu. Can you find that?

Hopefully I don't drop mostly everything, holy moly.

Also I am playing alot of Diablo 2, game is fun once you get to know the inner working of it (and don't have high level people 'rush' you. That means doing key quests to make you advance in the game at a very low level)

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