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People on the internet are stupid. Very, very, VERY, stupid. That, and I also am trying to get as many people I know playing this game, and to do that, I had to repeat so many steps. Each time I repeated a step, it might differ from before, problems might rise up, and it might not work.

After getting a prime example of a hopeless human being (didn't know that game patchers don't work on games still stuck in .7z files), I decided it would be beneficial for me in many ways to actually write a guide.

So if you want to play Melty Blood, head over to the Melty Blood page. The steps are VERY easy, I promise you. I tried my&nbs ... Read more »
Category: Games | Views: 432 | Added by: 7se7 | Date: 2012-05-12 | Comments (0)

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