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Hello everyone, and here is my monthly post! Now-a-days, my fancy is the intense (and button mashing for the weak minded, such as myself) game genre called 2D Fighter! And that is EXACTLY what Melty Blood.

If you browsed /a/ for the past year, you might already know what Melty Blood is, because when the game was cracked and able to be released with ease worldwide, tons and TONS of people began playing it.

But here I am, extremely late. But a lack of a major portion of the community means nothing, the game is still there, and some people over at /jp/ are still playing it.

Note: The game can be played at any resolution, all images are at the default 640x480 for ease of placement, etc. Also Actress Again is available for the PS2, if you desire to play it on a console.

If you want to play Melty Blood Actress Again, click ... Read more »

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