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Hello hello classmates, google searchers, and people I force to click my websites link. I am here to make my typical monthly post (ignore the announcement, that doesn't even count).

On February 22nd, I bought (with huge amounts of credit and giftcards) a PlayStation Vita. I only had to pay $7, fancy that! But then I had to get a memory card and a game, so tack on $65.

In any case, after pawning everything I own gaming related to GameStop, I obtained said Vita, and man I've been playing this thing ALOT.

Now I'm inexperienced at this whole hardware review bullmess, so I'm going to take a novices approach at this.

When you first turn on the Vita (after holding the power button for a short while), you are greeted with a tab that you must pull down (oooo) to get to the generic setup menu. Where you live, time of ... Read more »

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