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So if you've watched the show Hyakka Ryƍran Samurai Girls you'll know that it's pretty much a shit load of black ink splashes on your screen. I thought the story was familiar before, but I was looking through my games list and I was like, "What the hell?". I say this beautiful game by Nitro+ by the name of Jingai Makyou. Now here's the description off VNDB and see if you can think of a similar anime.

The main character is a Japanese college student, who lost his parents in an accident and since then has been cared for by his landlady. He has a strange set of eyes, with one green eye and one red eye. His little sister Megumi, goes to boarding school in England, but still comes back to visit him from time to time. His best friend Ryou has always been supportive of the main character and has stuck by him through thick and thin. Still the main character is an unusual person for he has strange dreams in his sleep, seeing visions of a beautiful black haired m ... Read more »
Category: Games | Views: 289 | Added by: holyshin | Date: 2011-06-15 | Comments (3)

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